PT Mitra Toyotaka Indonesia is the biggest company in Indonesia with more than 30 years of experience and is a pioneer in producing wingbox cars with technology brought from companies in Japan. various innovations and R & D that have been carried out so that we are trusted to be one of the number one car body series in Indonesia.

Steel Pallet

PT. Mitra Toyotaka Indonesia also has another business, namely the manufacture of steel pallets for industrial needs, especially in the automotive industry with more than 30 years of experience, we are trusted by Toyota and Astra Group to provide almost every product they have.


We Shall :

  • Contribute to customers and societies through supply of cargo-transportation and material handling equipment.
  • Pursue happiness for all employees and family.
  • Continue pursuing the best quality, services of our wing box brand “Quick Roof”. And it is our pride to be trusted by all stakeholders through achieving our corporate mission

Management Policy

We Shall :

  • Stay hungry for innovation by TPS related Kaizen approach.
  • Focus the trend and set our sail to catch a big wind.
  • Execute with fanatical discipline.
  • Dominate, saturated and do what it takes to be a major player.
  • Surround ourselves with our stakeholders and build a culture driven by value.

Principal Attitude

We Shall :

  • Comply with public and company discipline to keep social order.
  • Dedicate ourselves to safety operation and high quality performance.
  • Place integrity, passion, humility and team-work.
  • Judged by job facts and actual existing