Mobile service unit (MSU)

A mobile service unit (MSU) is an independent, self-sufficient service facility intended to offer on-site maintenance and repair services. The presence of a workshop, tools, and equipment often enables technicians to service or repair equipment on the spot. Numerous services, including as diagnostics, routine maintenance, repairs, and part replacement, can be offered by a mobile service unit. Installation, commissioning, and training are further uses for it.

Service Point

Additionally, PT Mitra Toyotaka Indonesia has six strategically placed service point in Palembang, East Java, and West Java. The Service Point Center is situated in West Java's Karawang. Some of these service locations exist to serve our customers' needs and preferences about the closeness and speed at which damaged units can be located, identified, and repaired.

Transportable hydraulic training system

A transportable hydraulic training system is called the Hydraulic Training Station. Participants can design, construct, and troubleshoot simple and complex hydraulic circuits using the technology in a secure setting. The trainer is made up of several hydraulic parts, including:
1. Solenoid-controlled directional valves.
2. Proportionally controlled directional valves
3. Various regulators
4. Cylinder
5. Limit switches
6. Gauges
8. Hydraulic motor
Not only using props our team will also conduct hands-on training in the field using existing units at the training site. This training will undoubtedly take place at the area that our customers choose so that they can study in accordance with their own demands and surroundings.

Warranty Product

In order to provide a sense of comfort and security to our customers. PT Mitra Toyotaka Indonesia has provided a warranty period for its products, with a long warranty period, of course this indicates the seriousness of PT Mitra Toyotaka Indonesia about caring for customers not only when they buy our products but also when after sales as well.

Commitment With Goverment Regulation

We are always with the government in following the existing regulations on every product, especially car body products. SKRB, TDP, and SRUT are clear evidence of our cooperation with the government. PT Mitra Toyotaka Indonesia has SKRB with EURO 4 Regulation with more than a hundred types and variants with NOL ODOL (Over Dimension and Over Load) commitment in accordance with the regulations initiated by the government.